This zine aims to destigmatize alcoholic disease (among women), prevent from the dangerous effects of alcohol on our body and mind. Pompette also seeks to show how patriarchy and its consequences impact us and harm our lives, especially our physical and mental health, and how important prevention and awareness are.

Alcoholism is a social taboo, we don’t talk about alcoholism, we don’t talk about women who drink. Therefore, women who drink, no matter the situation, are judged a lot, mainly as immoral, less virtuous, less sophisticated, less rational. They are seen as sexually more open, it’s a social code “I drink therefore I am sexually available”

Visit this page to know more about this project and to know more about alcoholic diseases. You’ll find there a questionnaire about your  alcohol comsuption. 

You’ll also find in the shop a special PACK of the zine sold with a digital print called “Tipsy and Romantic”.  Both products are limited series, numbered and signed.