psycho reader : what is it ?

PSYCHO READER is a monthly magazine of 16 pages of illustrated Psychology. I explain different concepts and theories of Psychology throught illustration and comics.

You’ll find every 3 months comics about psychological mechanisms and different tools to understand our behaviors.

Order the first edition of July 2020 !

here’s the theme of the next 3 magazines. Don’t miss the dates !

#SEPTEMBER 2020 : Relationships and pathology of bonding (process of emotional abuse, attachment theory, codependency…)

(Clinical Psychology)

#NOVEMBER 2020 : Prejudice, Stereotypes, Discrimination and Racism : Why do we discriminate others ? what is Social Dominance Orientation ?

(Social Psychology)

#JANUARY 2021 : The concept of Feminity and Mascunility in Psychology

The first edition will be available by the beginning of JULY.

If you want to support the project and participate in the printing process (and get the digital version for free) click on this link !