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Some comics / Doodles / Mostly Black and white. Three projects will be launched soon (between February and July). 

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Nipple talks - zine 2021 (soon)

Do you own my breasts?

The first erotic object, the breast, constantly confronts women with the duality of motherhood/sexuality.
Breasts are part of an initiation phase for young girls, we are waiting for our breasts to grow, we imagine them perfect, round, firm, beautiful.
However, when our breasts grow, shame sets in. The shame of having a sexual female body.


Young women learn to be ashamed of their intimate body. How can they have a positive relationship with their own body? how they discover sexuality without taboo and without embarrassment if their body is a shame to them ?
Young girls live their puberty in public. This series aims to normalize and de-objectify the female body.

Pompette - zine 2021

Zine self published (February 2021) about Wine and Alcoholism. Zine in paper version and online available soon. 

26 pages, A5. 

Included : a questionnaire about your alcohol consumption and two pages of notes. 

Purchase it here 

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psycho reader - book (soon)

Comic book about psychology.

Coming soon…

Consent explained with cats


The sentence “no is no” would be a good definition of consent if everybody had the same chances, the background, the same voice. But to understand consent we need to consider the social and cultural context.
Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable enough to say no, because we feel pressured or we don’t want to hurt the one person. Sometimes we don’t feel we are having the space we deserve in the relation.
Discriminated people have to constantly fight for the legitimacy of their feeling, they are particularly vulnerable.

Consent is not only about the answer, it’s mostly about the person who “asks”.

Consent refers to EMPATHY. Consent is understanding that you’re both on the same page, and that’s knowing that you both have an open and welcoming emotional environment, in which you can express yourself with no fear.

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