Illustration - Postcard for a Grocery store

Illustration for a magazine


Illustrations designed for a magazine to illustrate a project about Portuguese culture.

Art from Vital Lordelo and Julia da  Costa 

Partner and Agency :  JOIA 

Text from Olavo Silva Rosa

Illustration Comissioned by Comida independente

Illustration designed for Comida Independente. 

Art from Vital Lordelo and Julia Da Costa 

Partner and Agency : JOIA 

Instagram of Vital Lordelo  here


Creation of a zine for a tourist guide in Lisbon

Projet of 2017

A5, 40 pages 

Creation of a zine comissioned by a tourist guide in Lisbon, for a special discovery tour of the city to discover the city, its story, its streets and its curiosity. 

Julia Da Costa, is an artist from the Joia Gallery – Ourivesaria de Sentimentos.

She grew up in Vichy (Auvergne, France) and moved to Lisbon in 2016.

Julia da Costa (she/her) is a French artist based in Lisbon. She mostly works and experiments with different technics and mix media, such as ink, acrilyc, pencil, collage or digital. Her projects questions mental health, identity, feminism and the psychology of Self. She is studying Clinical Psychology. She’s interested in Psycho Education, a discipline of Psychology intending to explain and educate the population about mental health. Julia Da Costa intends to destigmatize mental diseases.

She likes doodling and telling stories about she sees and live everyday. She is currently working on cartoon projects.

Since 2019, she works at the gallery Joia – Ourivesaria de Sentimentos with Vital Lordelo.

In 2018, she accomplished an artistic residency in Con Artist NYC, New York.
She participated to exhibitions in NYC, France and Portugal.



2016-2019: Graduation in Psychology.
2017: Collective Exhibition « Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage » 18th edition, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
2017: Collective Exhibition «Beaurepaire», France.
2018: Artist residency in New York City.
Collective exhibitions in 3 different galleries in New York
2019: Collective Exhibition(s) at Joia Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal.
2019: Collective Exhibition « Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage » 20th edition, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2020 : Collective exhibition at Joia gallery

2020 : Collective exhibition at Squid ink Works, Porto, and at Malapata Galeria, Lisboa.