Psycho zines is a series of comics with mental health as the main theme. Mental illness is a social problem, it should not be a subject that only professionals can communicate about.

Mental health is an important issue that needs to be raised. It is important not to let the severity and seriousness of the topic dominate our communication, or it will be less accessible to everyone. Humor is a coping mechanism for dealing with stress, and helps to de-dramatize mental health issues. Mental health is a topic like any other that can be approached from different angles, for example through meme culture and the use of irony or sarcasm. These publications aim to popularize various mental health topics, such as alcoholic illness, anxiety, depression and relationships.

Each publication contains a mini graphic novel and an explanatory text on the theme. 


Pompette is the first zine of the serie and focuses on alcoholic diseases and the world of wine.

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