Author: Jorge Pinto
Illustration: Julia da Costa.

Excerpt from the introduction:
“I have been meaning to tell you about my grandmother for many years. Like all grandmothers, mine is special to me. I am not here to convince you that my grandmother is better than yours, but rather to share with you a little of my privilege as a grandson.
I must start by saying that you will not find anything extraordinary in this story. Maria do Carmo, Grandma Carmo, was and is a woman like so many others, with a life that could have been that of your grandmothers, your mothers or your sisters. She was born poor in a village in the North of Portugal, survived, emigrated, returned, tried to live, loved and was loved. Wherever she was, she was always one of many. And that’s why I want to talk about her. History is full of heroes, we need to talk about ordinary people, their successes and failures, their joys and sorrows.”

National Reading Plan, in the categories 15-18 years and over 18 years.
Edition Officina Noctua
July 2022

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